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Investment Strategy

East Hill employs a data-driven, research-based, operator-centric, investment approach to uncover multifamily opportunities that appropriately match risk and return

  • Identifies demographic and event-driven trends that can materially impact the performance of multifamily real estate investments

  • Draws on it’s Managing Partners’ unique, decades-long, experience to make unemotional and intensely-researched investment decisions

  • Sources quality deal-flow from a proprietary network of owners, operators, brokers, and investment bankers

  • Generates attractive risk-adjusted returns across the risk-return spectrum

  • Embraces a culture of creative abrasion, encouraging intellectual friction that produces solutions through spirited debate and amplifying diverse perspectives

Investment Sourcing

East Hill sources investment opportunities utilizing its deep industry knowledge, research, and network of relationships with owners, operators, and brokers. Due to the large number of transactions we see, we are able to remain highly selective of which opportunities we pursue.

Detailed Underwriting & Data-Driven Market Analysis

Select opportunities undergo a rigorous and collaborative underwriting process, involving feedback from both acquisitions and asset management professionals. We underwrite using disciplined assumptions, guided by our best-in-class, proprietary, market research.

Due Diligence

East Hill has highly-integrated relationships with our third-party diligence partners who assist in conducting asset, market, and legal due diligence on prospective investment opportunities. During diligence, our acquisitions and asset management professionals determine the feasibility of executing the proposed business plan. Final business plans are made with careful consideration of an investment's risk profile and the investment objectives of the fund or separate account that was allocated the opportunity.

Active Asset Management

The asset management team works with property management and on-site staff to establish financial and ESG goals each calendar year. Our team conducts a biannual hold/sell analysis to opportunistically realize investments, balancing the return targets of each investment.

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